Handkerchief Hems

The early 2000s isn’t an era generally recognized for its fashion contributions. More often than not, we remember this time in sartorial history with a little bit of a cringe and a little more of a “What were we thinking?” Regardless, it was a simpler time in many ways before social media permeated every aspect of our lives (Myspace was about as techy as our interactions got) and when bloggers were barely a twinkle in the internet’s eye. That yearning for a less complicated, less connected era may be why nostalgia for the early aughts has slowly but surely crept back into the collective consciousness and into our wardrobes.

Skirts at the turn of the century were almost required to have uneven hemlines and the silhouette is back with a vengeance as per labels like Marques ‘ Almeida and others. A classic polka dot print take on the trend tempers the pirate wench vibe perfectly.

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